C.J.Rocker: Have you seen their jewellery yet?

 Wearing From left to right: Bangle The Jedi Bangle Silver & Gold $67.40, Rings: The Identity ring $44, The Passion Ring: $32.40, The Charity ring set: $38.88, Necklaces: The Bearings Necklace Gold: $33.70 & The Love You necklace: $44.48

Wearing From left to right: Bangle The Jedi Bangle Silver & Gold $67.40, Rings: The Identity ring $44, The Passion Ring: $32.40, The Charity ring set: $38.88, Necklaces: The Bearings Necklace Gold: $33.70 & The Love You necklace: $44.48

    We’ve had a surge of Canadian start ups, designers and new brands coming to the market and showing us what they’ve got. And, I must say, “Thus far, I’m impressed!” You know me and how I love a brand that embodies simplicity and stands for ‘something’ other than sitting pretty. C.J. Rocker, a new Canadian jewellery brand, is no different. Each of their pieces has been carefully crafted to perfection and there’s something for everyone.
    I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting the wonderful Shirley Sze. Creator, founder of C.J.Rocker and I’m lucky enough to be able to call her my friend. I must say, I couldn’t have been happier to connect with someone who is passionate, driven and wanting to make a difference through a jewellery line she truly cares about. 

    The story behind the brand is short and sweet. Shirley had been shopping online for jewellery pieces with a vision in mind. The more she looked, the more frustrated she got trying to find simplicity and elegance at an affordable price. Over the years, Shirley has gone through multiple personal development workshops, improving and growing herself inside and out while wanting to make a difference in the world we live in through empowering others to follow their dreams. 

I wanted to spread the teachings that I had gained through the work to the masses. I wanted women to feel empowered and motivated to conquer whatever it is in their lives that they wanted to achieve. I wanted them to have a daily reminder to love themselves, love others, dream big, let the past go, etc, whatever it was that they needed that day.
— Shirley Sze - C.J.Rocker

 With a passion so great, before she knew it, C.J.Rocker was coined and born over dirty vodka martinis at brunch with her mom!
Every piece comes with a beautiful card highlighting the energy and love they represent. 
Here are some of my favorite pieces coupled together to make a more dramatic statement. You can definitely wear them as singles and change them up as you please. I love that you can wear them casually as everyday pieces or dress them up with a killer outfit for a more chic event that you might be attending later in the evening! The options are endless and versatility is always appreciated. 
Currently, Shirley and her team are working on a new custom jewellery line that is set to launch in August of this year and I am beyond excited to get my hands on a few of their pieces too. 

More and more, I started to take notice of healing stones and their positive energy which fit right in with what I’m all about.  So one day, I went into a rock store and the energy I felt just blew my mind.  I touched rocks and immediately felt lifted and calm.  That’s when I knew that I would incorporate healing stones like quartz, pirate, jade, etc into every line of C.J.ROCKER starting with the C.J.ROCKER STOP TRAFFICK collection.
— Shirley Sze - C.J.Rocker

The inspiration behind the STOP TRAFFICK collection goes back to the core of the brand which is to leave the world in a better place than we've found it. And, for Shirley, a charity gala to stop human trafficking and launch the collection on Sept 30th 2017 is the perfect start to a new season of beautiful and meaningful jewellery. I cannot wait to be a part of such a wonderful event where we can connect, get to know each other and spread the love.

I hope you're in the mood to attend this exciting event and I hope to see you there. 
This event will be taking place at The Spoke Club inside the Portland Room (600 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M3, second floor)

(Click to purchase tickets and show your support for human trafficking victims at Covenant House.) 
All proceeds go towards the support of victims.

 Feel free to let me know what are your favourite pieces and if you’ve got few, I’d love to see a few pictures. 
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Disclaimer: This post is a not a sponsored post. All opinions are my personal opinion and are not intended to offend or push forward a cause I do not believe in.