Are you afraid of "White” Outfits?

This summer, don’t be intimidated by 'White Ensemble' because I know you can rock it much like your favorite celebs. Yes, I have that much confidence in you. Whether you’re heading to work or from work to grab drinks, to brunch or to a party hosted by your Bff; nothing says, “I’ve come to Slay” like a white outfit that makes you feel like a god.    


Of course, we’ve all got our reservations when it comes to a white outfit. I used to think that I couldn’t last a day in anything white. I’d stain it with coffee at breakfast or on the subway. If I was lucky and made it past that hurdle, I’m definitely 'feeding' some part of my outfit with a saucy (hopefully, not red) concoction over lunch. If that didn’t happen, then, I’m sure I’ve sat somewhere where the paint or dirt has officially stuck to my backside and now, I must make my way back to work covered in stains. If that is not embarrassing, I don’t know what is. I don’t intend on wearing my hard earned stains with pride which leads me to be ever so grateful for TIDE TO GO! It's a washing solution pen designed by the laundry detergent company Tide to use on-the-go. Thanks to this little magic pen that gets rid of stains on the fly, I wear white way too often and the outfits never fail to look sharp and crisp at any point in the week. Whether it be white shirt paired with light or dark wash denim or white trousers with something colorful on top. Trust me and get yourself a Tide To Go pen. You won’t regret it.

One of the questions I get asked fairly often is, “How do I keep my whites, white?” The answer is simple. I try my best to not put anything in the dryer. The heat, pressure, and force is too rough on almost all clothing and degrades the coloring while giving you little fluff balls all over your clothing. I’m sure you’ve noticed it on a few of your pieces, as have I. I swear, I didn’t know how to do laundry till recently. The second tip is to keep all your whites separate from anything you own of colour. I know this sounds like Laundry basics but you'd be surprised at how easily we let a few pieces slip into the wrong baskets. Lastly, after every 2-4 washes of my favorite white pieces, I’ll send them out to get dry cleaned or laundered. This ensures the whites stay pure and your tops will last you much longer. I’ve got a few shirts that I’ve had for over a year yet, they look brand spanking new. I have my mom to thank for such useful advice and I hope this helps you, too. 
I’ve attached some images of a white outfit I wear every now and then. Let me know what you think and you’re welcome to send me some of yours.