Wide-Legged Pants are Back!

Haven’t we been wearing skin tight pants for a while? Yes, we have and for the last little while, skin tight trousers and pants, in general, seemed to have died a skinny death. Ha! Ha! 
Well, not really because a slim trouser will always hold a special place in my heart as they’re easy to wear with voluminous tops. 
        This season, wide-legged pants have made a huge comeback paired with loafers, sneakers and the ever so popular, heel. Whichever choice of footwear you gravitate to, wide legged pants come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit every body type. Being 5’1, a shrimp at heart, I had always been afraid of wearing these bad boys. However, I’ve definitely given them a try and I have to say, nothing says “Chic” better than an outfit with wide-legged pant. 
    Some of the biggest celebrities today have been spotted sporting the trend in full force. From Gigi Hadid, Katie Holmes to Victoria Beckham, they’ve been a popular choice. You can style them with a fitted or loose fitting blouse, crop top or with a well-tailored dress shirt tucked in. If you’re really in the mood to make a statement and the pants aren’t enough, add a pop of colour with a belt, scarf or jewellery for pizzazz. 

    Here are some ways I’ve styled my wide-legged pants for inspiration. One of the things I always ask myself is if I can go from day to night in an outfit by modifying it, only by the slightest touch. I mean, swap out your loafers for a short block or tall block heel depending on where you’re headed. I tied my denim shirt into a knot for an evening out with some friends and had it tucked in for a more 'casual' professional look.
    Hope you enjoyed this little post. Let me know what you think as I’d love to connect and hear from you.