Marc Jacobs: Beauty Le Marc Lip Creme

Who loves an afternoon pick-me-up with a little lipstick purchase? I do, I do…
I’m not too sure if this happens you but if it does, do comment below and let me know. For some reason, I can always pick up a new lipstick or any other lip product. There’s something about finishing a tough day at work or celebrating an occasion where a trusty new lipstick purchase can always make or break your day. I know it sounds a bit silly, but there is this odd ‘feel good’ feeling that a new lipstick or lipgloss delivers when you get your hands on a fresh one. 
Am I a junkie? Mmh...
I’ve been using the Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc lip creme for the last few months and I’m a fan of the formula. They’re creamy and do not dry out your lips. I absolutely cannot stand my lips feeling dry and the pulling sensation that comes along with it, therefore, the moisture factor is an important one for me. There are 28 lip shades available in this formula and each lipstick is loaded with 0.12 oz of product. They are highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. I’ve had mine for a few months yet, it still looks brand new.

These lipsticks boast about their hydrating formula with good reason. They’re loaded with antioxidant rich Seaberry and natural humectants such as cocoa butter. 
You can find them at most beauty counters and they retail for approx. $30. A little bit on the pricey side in comparison to your drugstore product but still towards the lower end of the luxury makeup market. 

I’ve attached a few pictures of my favorite colors with some swatches for you to take a peek at. Let me know what you think in the comments below and send me pictures :)
Lots of love,