Face Mask Favorites: Province Apothecary

 Province Apothecary - Top:Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay Mask, Bottom: Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator

Province Apothecary - Top:Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay Mask, Bottom: Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator

A company that truly cares about what they’re doing and putting forth into the world, speaks volumes to me. We’re constantly bombarded with new products and messages all day long. So, when a company is able to reach me with sincerity and transparency, I’m more inclined to give them a chance and maybe, be a true believer. You probably haven’t heard of the brand Province Apothecary before but they’re a great little Canadian company that sources all natural ingredients from different provinces within the country to make exquisite face and body products for sensitive and troublesome skin. The owner and founder, Julie Clark had suffered from eczema all of her life and although, I cannot relate to that, I’m sure many of you can. Province Apothecary preaches about holistic, organic, natural skin-care and beauty products. With humble begins of the sort, I had to try some of their items out. 

I’m a huge fan of skincare and facial masks of pretty much every kind and I’m always on the hunt for better products that I can alternate into my regime as you shouldn’t always use the same skin care items for a prolonged amount of time. This is because our bodies have this amazing ability ‘to get used’ our environment and similarly, products. This eventually renders them, ineffective.

After trying the Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay mask and the Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator with lavender and green tea extracts, my face was visibly brighter and smoother. Certified organic ingredients are present within both items and are gentle on the skin. The bentonite present within the clay mask extracts impurities from the skin and pores while the glacial clay detoxifies and tightens the skin to reduce fine lines. On the other hand, the exfoliator has oatmeal, green tea and lavender within its ingredients which help soften the skin, give you a glow and reduce blemishes. These masks retail for $18 and $16. I've been using them for a few weeks and I think they've become one of my spring/summer skin pick-me-ups!

My favorite part of these masks is how easy they are to use. Although the instructions state to use 2 tsp of clay mask along with either water/yogurt or honey, I found that 1 tsp was enough for me. I’ve been using the clay mask every other day and the exfoliator every 3-4 days and my skin has cleared up. Just to give you a heads up, the exfoliator feels grainy and dries fast so, don't be too alarmed if that happens to you. My days are usually long with work, social commitments and school so, a mini detox is always in order. Luckily, my 3 little brothers (they're not all that little) are always up for face masking with me. Yay!

I’ve attached some pictures here for to take a look through. If you decide to try it out or have tried other masks that you think I should look into, I’d love to hear from you.