Why Tea and Coffee Drinkers are catching the 'Feels' with Infuse Cafe?

 Toronto Eaton Center with the Fruit Sensation Tea Soda - Infuse Menu

Toronto Eaton Center with the Fruit Sensation Tea Soda - Infuse Menu

   Deep in the heart of Toronto’s concrete jungle, there lies a special little safe haven of mostly organic teas and fairtrade coffee blends called Infuse Cafe. Founded by someone I’m thrilled to call my friend, Glen De Mel and Co-founders Ken Do and Will Lam in 2015.

   It has been a roller coaster ride operating an upbeat socially responsible business in one of the busiest streets of Toronto, Yonge & Dundas.

    Glen and his team work tirelessly to be able to provide their on-the-go busy clientele with a premium dose of caffeine or decaf cups of energy made with love. They not only care about taking care of their customers but also believe in nurturing their staff who are working and juggling their own projects with school amongst other obligations. I love a brand that is focused on keeping their people and their customers happy!

    Initially, the plan had been to procure a franchise license, however, with brands giving Glen and his partners the run around the block and nothing on the market with the heart and soul of Infuse Cafe, it was evident that starting their own 'proud to be Canadian' brand was the way to go. At Infuse, it is believed to blend the best in the market with upcoming innovative brewing technology hence, the tagline, “A Brewing Revolution.” Infuse uses RAIN technology which vacuums to remove gasses from tea compounds and fill these areas with water to extract an elevated flavour profile during its tea brewing process for each individual cup of tea. This process also unravels all the hidden nutrients present within the tea of choice and adds it to every cup brewed.

    Since I usually am in the heart of Toronto, Infuse Cafe is often times on the way and sometimes out of the way but whenever I’m craving a Tea Soda or a warm latte, it’s a pit stop away from satisfying a craving or two. Attached are a few pictures of my experiences for you to browse through.

The logo for Infuse cafe has an interesting story behind it. The fox represents the spirit of rain in the Japanese culture. It also symbolizes youth, vigour, and adaptability. Since Infuse cafe’s brewers use Rain, the logo and message behind Infuse Cafe come together in perfect harmony.

   Oddly enough, Glen had never been a fan of tea or coffee, to begin with, but once he came across a niche and need in the market; Glen, eventually decided to give it a shot. His late grandfather used to work for the Tea Estates back in Sri Lanka where he’s originally from. Glen is now a strong believer of the age old beverages and can attest to the benefits from personal experience. It is safe to say that tea has always been in his blood and when someone mentions not being a fan of tea, he feels as though they just haven’t found the right blend of flavors that works for them, yet!

   On visiting Infuse, you'll be welcomed by the scent of aromatic coffee and tea concoctions the moment you enter the space followed by a variety of art hanging throughout the cafe. Infuse believes in giving back and supporting local artists because they understand that going out on your own can be difficult but there isn’t anything as rewarding as pursuing your passions through creative outlets. Infuse cafe believes in and encourages self-expression. Therefore, promoting art created by locals is their natural instinct.  A 100% of all the proceeds are sent back to the creator. And, artists are encouraged to send in their work to have them hung on the walls all year round.

You have to really love what you’re doing, or else there’s no point.
— Glen De Mel

On asking about what’s the brand’s favorite and most rewarding aspect of having a cafe in one of the busiest streets in the city, Glen is ecstatic when clients love their drinks and share them with their friends on social media. It must be an amazing feeling to walk down a street and see bypassers holding infuse cups having a great time throughout the year...

His team recognizes that more than half of his staff consists of students attending university in the nearby vicinity. Everyone’s busy and working hard to achieve their goals. Infuse believes in helping them get there with flexible schedules, getting paid a little more than minimum wage and giving them the best experience possible.

Glen had been wonderful enough to let me in on what’s new and the future of Infuse cafe in 2018. They’ve had the pleasure of introducing three new product lines thus, far i.e. made to order organic teas and coffees, followed by loose leaf teas and one of my personal favorites, Tea Sodas. Infuse cafe is looking to expand its doors to Infuse spaces where young professionals, artists, and students can come together with tea infused cocktail drinks.

How exciting is that? I’m definitely intrigued.

If you've had a chance to stop by this lovely cafe, I'd love to know what you tried on their menu. Make sure to comment below or send me a message from the contact section.





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